GDPR Brexit Voucher

Brexit poses serious problems for organisations who pass personal data between Northern Ireland and Ireland. DigiTorc are delighted to announce that together with InterTradeIreland we are offering FREE GDPR Brexit consultations. In case of a hard Brexit, sending staff or clients or potential clients etc personal data across the border could come with major penalties.

Businesses can apply for a 'Planning Voucher' – provides 100% financial support up to £2,000/€2,250 (inclusive of VAT) towards Data Protection advice to help businesses to identify GDPR Brexit exposure and to plan a response.

Are you eligible?

  • Applications must be from an SME (250 employees or less) and Turnover < €50M (£ equivalent)
  • The business must have a satisfactory trading record (we reserve the right to request submission of Financial Accounts for the business)
  • The assistance requested must relate to a Brexit issue
    Leaving the EU will be a very difficult and lengthy process. The implications of GDPR Brexit are very challenging, even for the best prepared.
    Leaving the EU will be a very difficult and lengthy process.

Brexit will be a difficult and lengthy process.  Now is the time to get a plan for Data Protection in place, before action is required. Don’t under estimate how long becoming compliant con take. Contact us to discuss this further or download our white paper below.

Brexit and GDPR means hard choices for organisations who transfer data between Ireland and Northern Ireland
Brexit & GDPR choices

Brexit and GDPR 

How do Brexit and GDPR interplay and how can we mitigate risks?


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