Big Data : The New Oil or Nuclear Waste?

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Data leaking is like nuclear waste leaking. Once we believed that big data would drive new industries by monitoring data freely. Now we see its a bit more complicated.

We have been told that big data usage will differentiate successful businesses from failures.  That is probably true, but not only as “the new oil” driving innovation.  Perhaps data is more like nuclear waste, it costs a fortune to store and when it leaks…..? The new oil arguments for using big data are well known: […]


ISO 27001 documentation

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Having an ISO 27001 system in place mandates a set of documents.  These documents may be the most visible manifestation of a system and certainly the starting point for any ISO 27001 auditor. Naturally before starting to draft documents the organisation will have performed a planning phase and a risk assessment.  Annex A contains an excellent starting point but […]